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There has been a bit of excitement about the possibilities for pushing the uses of RSS towards a mythical eduglu as of late. Brian posted about it here and got some great feedback, soon after D’Arcy Norman and Bill Fitzgerald ramped up their work with Drupal. Then there was David’ Wileys re-publishing of his […]

WordPress as CMS

Ok, so in addition to the Moosecamp session “WordPress Anonymous” on Friday (depending on interest) and the “Don’t Call it a Blog, call it an Educational Publishing Platform” on Saturday, Lloyd Budd recently facebooked me asking if I would “lead” a small group for issues and questions about using WordPress as a CMS (I’m trying […]

Join the forum discussion on this postHere is a good example.

Upgrading to WPMu 1.3.3

Given that the most recent upgrade for WordPress Multi-User is a critical one, I decided to do the right thing this morning. I figured it might be useful for others to know that my personal version of WPMu (which has all of the same themes and plugins as UMW Blogs — albeit with far less […]

A strange thing happened to me today. I was playing around with the new Prologue theme for WordPress that acts in many ways like Twitter. I had already tested it on WordPress.com here, but I wanted to see if the GPL theme (freely available distributed here) would work on a hosted WordPress Multi-User installation. […]

I have been on Twitter for almost a year now and, oddly enough, I have yet to blog about it. And while some might poke fun that I am only doing so now because I finally found a way to push WordPress, I would say that they are only partially right
I use […]

I discovered two cool things today that have to do with WPMu and tags.
First, that WPMu 1.3 (and WP 2.3 for that matter) comes with a stock widget for a tag cloud that doesn’t require a plugin or anything. How did I discover this? Well, UMW History professor Sue Fernsebner had it in […]

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